Audiology Services


Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center and Dr. Emily McMahan offers the most complete Audiology Services in Alaska. The center even provides testing, treatment and management for tinnitus.

When evaluating hearing loss, we usually look at 3 categories: type of hearing loss, degree of hearing loss, and configuration of hearing loss.

It is especially important to diagnose and treat hearing loss in children as soon as possible to limit its potential impact on learning and development. Unmanaged hearing loss in adults can have a detrimental effect on one’s quality of life, possibly affecting employment, education, and social interactions.

We also specialize in fitting of all types of hearing instruments and use state-of-the-art verification for these fittings. The page links below are the complete list of Audiology Services provided by Dr. Emily McMahan and the Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus center.


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