Season’s Greetings

In the Spirit of the Holiday Season our office is offering Complimentary Hearing Screenings to select residents in our community, with Appointment Openings December 14th – 15th. Complimentary Services Include:

1) Review Medical & Hearing History
2) Examine Ear Canal Using Video Otoscope
3) Diagnose & Recommend Improved Treatment Options
4) Demonstrate Recent Advancements in Hearing Technology
5) Clean & Provide Basic Maintenance for Existing Hearing Device

Additionally, we are authorizing a $500 Cash Discount towards the purchase of ReSound Premium Hearing Aids, if new or upgraded devices are needed.

Please contact our office to Schedule Your Appointment and take advantage of the seasonal savings!

We hope this message finds you well,

Dr. Emily McMahan

EMILY E. MCMAHAN Au.D. Doctor of Audiology


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Dr. Emily McMahan is the only Tinnitus Management specialist in Alaska.

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