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The worst part of hearing loss is that it doesn’t just impact your ability to hear, but it also impacts the enjoyment of the things that uniquely craft who you are.

I set up Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center to help our special part of the world to understand that hearing loss is rarely a sign that something is broken, but it is often a sign of somebody that lives an experience-rich life that their ears have struggled to keep up with.

My team and I now spend our time helping local people to hear the life that they love and confidently return to what makes them happy.

With multiple award wins and a reputation for delivering the most advanced audiological hearing healthcare by adopting the cutting edge in clinical best practices, we’re trusted by thousands of local people, multiple generations of families, and the state’s best physicians.

“With you and your experience being at the forefront of every decision, we were the first licensed audiologists to proudly serve patients remotely in 2018 to ensure that regardless of where you are in Alaska, you can access the highest level of hearing healthcare.

If you or a loved one is experiencing any hearing challenges, has ringing in the ears, or has any hearing-related concerns, then my hand on heart promise to you is that we’re here for you.

Dr. Emily McMahan, Jabra Specialist with Ashley Oliver

I can not express in words how my experience was here at Alaska Hearing and Tinnitus center. Dr. Emily treated me with so much patience, and kindness.

She is so knowledgeable and it’s very apparent she is the best around at what she does. Thank you so much for helping not just myself but so many people struggling with their hearing.

Sasha W.

I have been working with Emily and her team at Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center for over two years and I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience. No matter what my needs are, the entire staff is courteous, friendly, and eager to help. Whether it’s a cleaning, a fine-tuning of the hearing aids programming, or an upgrade to new devices, the service is top notch. I’ve worked with several staff members and they all share the same enthusiasm in their work. I’m so pleased with my choice of audiologist and I highly recommend Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center!

Wayde C.

I came in after I noticed some challenges with my hearing. Dr McMahan and her staff were friendly, professional and explained everything in detail.

I am really enjoying my hearing aides and frequently recommend AK Hearing to my friends and family. Thank you!

Mariah L.

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If you are straining to hear conversations, have become dependent on turning up the volume, or have difficulty understanding others when there is background noise, you could be suffering from a hearing loss.

There is no better time than today to start your journey to comprehensive hearing care.

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