Listen And Learn Event

Listen & Learn Event

By appointment only November 5th – 6th, 2015

Hearing makes memories of special times shared with loved ones.

Do these situations challenge your hearing?

Visiting with loved ones, listening to your child ask you 101 questions, anniversary dinners, conversing in the car.

Let us help you gain confidence and learn more about your hearing health.

During this event, you’ll recieve:

  • FREE hearing screening
  • Sip on a complimentary Starbucks specialty drink while listening to a demonstration of today’s latest Hearing Aid technology
  • Risk Free 7 day test drive
  • Receive $500 off a pair with the purchase of premium or advanced level technology

(907) 202-9725

Call today to reserve your space!

Appointments are limited during this event.

Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center

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Dr. Emily McMahan is the only Tinnitus Management specialist in Alaska.

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