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When life is busy and we’re running around on autopilot, it is easy to lose track of time and put things on the to-do list off for another day, isn’t it?

We’ve all been there and done it – sometimes it can’t be helped, and it is totally harmless. Other times, it has some negative consequences.

Like when you delay your hearing care appointment.

Too commonly, we see people falling down this tricky path, where a problem quickly digresses into something more serious and could have otherwise been avoided.

Listen up!

Well, today celebrates “World Hearing Day,” organized by the World Health Organization, where they’ll be raising awareness for the importance of healthy hearing.


One of our continuous goals is to encourage more people to regularly test their hearing; you know how important it is, and with the goal of normalizing the conversation about hearing loss, please make sure you spread the word and encourage the people that you love to have their hearing checked regularly.

With most difficulties, we have a physical recognition of how we are compensating. If your knee hurts, you will favor the other leg and/or walk with a limp.

If your eyes are having vision difficulties, you will often squint and/or rub your eyes.

However, with our ears, we don’t have a physical reminder of the compensation methods we use to cover up our hearing loss.

The person with the hearing loss doesn’t recognize that they no longer attend functions or have a “conversation buddy” who unknowingly repeats the conversation because they’re constantly asked to repeat. 

It is difficult to discuss a topic often referred to as the “silent disability,” as no one can see the person who is suffering. 

The data suggests that it takes the average person 7-10 years to book themselves in for a hearing assessment. There’s undoubtedly people around you that fall within this that need a helping hand of encouragement.

One of our biggest frustrations is that we regularly get our blood pressure taken, our cholesterol monitored, and visit the dentist, yet why is hearing abandoned?

Shocking as it is, we must change the taboo of “hearing loss” and normalize the conversation. That way, it can help so many others come to terms with their hearing challenges. 

So, speak up! Share your story!

Encourage your friends and family to incorporate healthy hearing into their annual appointments. 

What’s New?

The return to “normal” life is gradually becoming a reality! The Alaska Hearing & Center team has been vaccinated against COVID-19!

Maytal, our audiology resident, has returned from maternity leave and is excited to be back in the office! We are equally as excited to have her back among us!

Riddle Me That

Everyone loves a head-scratcher, especially you clever bunch! So, we thought we’d test you with these tricky riddles. Good luck!

1) I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body but come alive with wind. What am I?

2) What disappears as soon as you say its name?

3) What question can you never answer yes to?

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Dr. Emily McMahan

Dr. McMahan attended the University of Cincinnati where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2009. She furthered her professional education by obtaining her Doctorate of Audiology from Salus University in Philadelphia in 2013. She completed her residency in Anchorage and has been applying her expertise to her patients in the Pacific Northwest for several years. Whether you need hearing testing, hearing aids, or assistance with managing tinnitus in your daily lives, Dr. McMahan is qualified to assist you!