Ashley moved to the Anchorage area with his wife, Dr. Emily.  He studied Sociology at the University of Cincinnati and proceeded to work in fast-paced, customer service positions after college.  Ashley has always been passionate about people and their experiences and uses that passion to help our patients at Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center.   He loves Alaska, the people, the culture, and the community.  He enjoys hiking all over the state of Alaska, fishing, photography, and spending quality time with family, friends, and dogs. Bentley, the dogtor, is one of them!


With much encouragement from family and friends, Emily and Ashley opened Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center in 2015.  The best adventure in our life was moving to Alaska, the next best feat was opening the doors to Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center.  We want to help you enjoy the sounds of your life!


Jordana was born and raised in Alaska and is the Office Administrator for Alaska Hearing and Tinnitus Center.  She studied marketing, as well as journalism and media studies, at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and proceeded to work in the media industry in both Nevada and Alaska after graduating college.  Jordana and her husband enjoy raising their two sons in their beautiful home state and strive to maintain a healthy balance between work and family.  In fact, Jordana decided to take some time off after her son was born in 2015, but after a year, she was ready to return to work when she was offered a job at Alaska Hearing and Tinnitus Center.  It is a job she loves because she gets to work with wonderful people and witness the positive impacts Dr. McMahan can provide to patients suffering from tinnitus and/or hearing loss.


Bentley is the office dog, often referred to as Dogtor Bentley.  He loves to greet our patients and offer them comfort.  Bentley takes his job very seriously.  He will often lay in the appointment room with the patient during their consultation when permitted.  He enjoys a nice long nap on a Saturday afternoon and chasing his dog siblings throughout his home.  Often times you will see Bentley being spoiled by our patients and Rich, the mailman.  Bentley’s favorite color is red.  He has the best personality and sweetest disposition.  He will help you enjoy the life that you love!


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Dr. Emily McMahan is the only Tinnitus Management specialist in Alaska.

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