Daniel Wright

Daniel Wright, Front Desk Coordinator

Professional Bio:

Born in Ohio, Daniel originally worked for Canfield Industries. Canfield industries produced wiring, circuit boards, and full sets of switchboards and pressure sensors for the medical and marine industries. He started as a wire cutter and moved up to an overnight supervisor in just under a year. He maintained the position for three years and excelled at the position.

However, at the end of 2022, he was told that he would have the chance to move to Alaska. This was an opportunity he could not refuse, as he has always wanted to move there. After some bumps in the road he was offered a job at Alaska Hearing and Tinnitus Center as the Front Desk Person. That leads us to today where he is the person who greets patients, sets up appointments, handles many administrative tasks, and is the first person you see walking in the doors.

Just for Fun:

In his off time Daniel likes to enjoy video games, with his favorite game series being the Elder Scrolls series, but he also enjoys many, many more. Daniel also is an avid fisherman, from bluegill to trout he enjoyed catching whatever he could. However, now that he is in Alaska a whole new fishing world has been opened to him. Lastly, Daniel has been a firearms enthusiast from the time he was a child. He has always been enamored with firearms; always looking to learn as much as he could about how they work, how they were made, where they were made, and the history behind each one. With prior background in firearm sales, he's always excited to learn and work with new firearms with the dreams of becoming a gunsmith someday.

Daniel Wright, Front Desk Coordinator at Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center

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