What is a Otoacoustic Emission Test (OAE)?

The Otoacoustic Emission test is an objective test, which measures hair cell function in the inner ear. An emission is a sound generated within the normal cochlea in response to stimulation.

Otoacoustic Emission tests are used for a number of reasons, including screening of infants and other special populations.


What should I expect?

This is a non-invasive test which requires a small plug to be inserted in the ear and a series of tones or clicks are presented to the patient. The test takes place in the sound booth and the patient is required to be still and quiet throughout testing.


How long does the test take?

This test is typically scheduled as a 30-minute appointment.


How will I receive my results?

The audiologist will share your test results with you at the completion of testing.

Source: John Hopkins Medicine

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