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Hearing Aid Repairs: How Much Do They Cost?

07/18/2022 | Hearing Aid Repairs, Patient Resources

Getting a pair of quality hearing aids can be life-changing. No doubt, hearing devices enhance your quality of life by eliminating communication challenges and increasing your awareness of the environment around you.

Superior aids make it possible for you to interact with different tech-gadgets through Bluetooth and other sophisticated features.

Nonetheless, like any other technology, the aids experience issues that compromise their performance. On average, a hearing device lasts for five years.

But you may have to deal with repairs – cosmetic (e.g., broken casing) or mechanical (e.g., sound issues) in between, sometimes a few times in a year. All the same, we suggest upgrading your devices every 4-5 years for optimal performance.

What Is the Cost of Repairs?

The cost of repairing hearing aids depends on the part that requires repair/replacement, the device’s make, and when the need for repair arises. For instance, most hearing aids have a manufacturer warranty ranging between 1-2 years.

The warranty is limited to repairs such as broken parts and a single replacement. But you have to pay a deductible for the replacement.

Generally, the manufacturer meets the cost as long as repair arises within the warranty period. Once the duration lapses, the costs are solely on you, unless you decide to extend the warranty by paying an extra charge.

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The other convenient way of handling your device repair costs is by including them in your homeowners’ insurance policy.

If any of the above two solutions aren’t applicable in your case, you need to budget for regular repair costs once the warranty expires. Specialists and labs that provide repair services will charge you different amounts depending on their pricing model and the nature of the repair.

At our office, we charge between $35-$150 with no additional warranty. If the device requires advanced repairs, we send it to an ‘all-make’ lab, and the cost goes up to between $275 -$350.

The labs have highly specialized skills that can handle the majority of hearing aid problems. Moreover, we give you a 6-12 month warranty in this case.

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How to Improve Hearing Aid Performance

As much as experiencing issues with your hearing aids is an expected occurrence, you can improve their performance by sticking to a regular maintenance routine in addition to scheduled audiologist servicing. Combining these two will keep your aids in good quality and ensure their longevity.

Some at-home care tips include;

  • Cleaning the device regularly using a dry cloth for the casing and the cleaning kit (pick and brush) for the receiver and microphone
  • Removing them when not in use to allow any trapped moisture to evaporate
  • Shielding them from direct UV rays
  • Taking them off when using hair products, like sprays
  • Immediate replacement of dead batteries
  • Keeping them away from water

Repairing Hearing Aids

Though observing a consistent maintenance and servicing routine is rewarding, sometimes the repairs will be inevitable.

However, you should only make an appointment with your specialist after basic troubleshooting has failed. Visit this page for a resource I have prepared to learn some basic troubleshooting tips.

In case the issue persists, complete the form on this page to enroll for our Mail Order Repairs and Adjustments service. We also clean, service, and help with all device issues to ensure you have a perfect experience with your hearing aids.

Whatever your needs or inquiries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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