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Hearing Aid Issues with Static on Apple 12th Generation Devices

12/18/2020 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center is thrilled that tech companies are finally making a concerted effort to make cell phones more compatible with hearing aids.

The Hearing Aid Compatibility Act of 1988 required the FCC to ensure that all “essential” telephones be hearing aid compatible.

But mobile phones were exempt from those requirements.

It’s been a slow process over the last 30 years to make cell phones user-friendly for the hearing impaired, with some features like suitable handset volume control only required as of 2020.

But, just like our patients, we are grateful for the progress.

Our patients can now connect to all of their devices with Bluetooth hearing aids, and our team can now adjust your hearing aids remotely.

New Tech, New Capabilities, New Hearing Aid Issues

However, with each new tech development, there is an adjustment period to work through the kinks.

Most recently, our patients express static issues when using their hearing aids with Apple’s 12th generation devices, particularly iPhone 12.

Some patients tell me they hear loud static, while others experience an intermittent connection or garbled audio.

Since the iOS 14 update was released around the same time as the iPhone 12, some users weren’t sure if it was the update or the phone that caused the static.

But our patients who downloaded iOS 14 on iPhone 11 or older models don’t seem to be having static issues.

This leads us to believe that the issue is the iPhone 12, not the software update.

Fortunately, Apple is aware of the hearing aid problems and recommends downloading iOS 14.2.1 or a later version while solving the problem.

We Are Here to Support You

As your Audiology Assistant, I’m committed to ensuring optimal sound when you use your Apple device.

With an in-office visit, tele audiology session, or curbside appointment, we can determine what’s causing your hearing aid issues and provide a swift resolution.

The distorted sound might be caused by your phone, or it might stem from other common issues like ear wax, a low battery, or moisture in the device, especially if your device is not a 12th generation iPhone.

There might also be a problem with your Bluetooth connection versus the phone itself.

The good news is if you’re experiencing static with your new iPhone 12, the issue is likely the phone and not your hearing aids.

Apple is already hard at work to eliminate the problem, so you can rest assured that quality sound will be restored.

Hearing Aid Issues With Static Will Soon Be Gone

This is not the first time hearing aid users have had difficulty with an iPhone.

In October 2019, Apple released an update for iOS 13.1.3 that was causing problems for hearing aid users.

Fortunately, that problem was resolved, and Apple promises to resolve this latest glitch within a few weeks.

In the meantime, our team is here to help with any hearing aid troubleshooting queries.

We offer full-service cleaning and repairs and will perform a diagnostic assessment to identify whether your iPhone is actually the problem or if you’re experiencing other hearing aid issues.

Contact us today to determine the source of your hearing aid problems and restore a clear connection.

We look forward to providing the quality sound you depend on from our caring team.

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Alli Humphrey

Alli Humphrey moved to Anchorage from Pennsylvania several years ago with her family. Alli is passionate about her community. She rejoined the workforce after being a stay at home mom for five years. She searched for a position that she could be passionate about and when she found Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center had an opening, she jumped at the chance.

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