Supporting local business is easy when your local business makes pies this good

Love Local: A Pie Stop’ That’s Worth Stopping For

09/05/2022 | Love Local, Patient Resources

Shopping local is Alaskan. We are here in this community and have the ability to support each other. 

Shopping local allows a family to work together. It allows children and grandchildren to attend dance lessons or play sports. It allows you to support your neighbors rather than send our hard-earned money out of the state.

I always shop locally if possible because I love supporting the people in my community. Their creations are always made with such love and care that you cannot find at a large corporate store. 

‘A Pie Stop’ embodies everything our community stands for, and we love that they are here and have been providing us with such delicious options. 

All Types of Pies

The word ‘pie’ can mean many things, and that’s what we love about this establishment; they provide all kinds of pies to suit your every mood.

For dinner, their options range from savory pot pies to Cornish pasties to quiches. These are great for those cold winter days when you need to be warmed up from the inside out.

For those with a sweet tooth, ‘A Pie Stop’ has got you covered there as well. Their menu changes with the seasons to ensure all the fruits used are at their freshest.

It’s not all about the filling, though; their signature buttery crust is what keeps us coming back for more. It tastes just like Grandma used to make.

You Can Check Out Their Seasonal Options Right Here.

Our Favorites

So far—my favorite pie has been the Key Lime. It was absolutely delicious!

We recommend you go early, grab a whoopee pie to enjoy on your way home, and take a big one to share with your friends and loved ones. 

Local Tip: If it’s near a holiday, pre-order your pies as they are often sold out.

When they are available, our staff also love the Pecan, Coconut Cream, & Key Lime.

Who is Responsible for All This Deliciousness?

Steven is an awesome person, a great business owner, and enjoys Alaska.

It’s so fun to go into the bakery and see them in action. Each pie is handmade with love.

As one of the owners, Steve is terrific, and you can see his passion for baking every time you interact with him. He loves to see the joy ‘A Pie Stop’ brings to each and every one of his customers.

Steven purchased his local business for his granddaughter. She loved baking, and they worked on it together. It doesn’t get much more local than a family-run operation.

A Pillar of the Community

We have been enjoying Steven’s pies for the past five years. If you live in the Anchorage area, you MUST stop and grab one.

Our newer staff have confessed that even though they recently moved to the area, they were hooked after one bite of these pies. 

Where to Find Them

‘A Pie Stop’ is open every day except Sundays. Most days until 5:30 pm but only until 2:00 pm on Saturdays. These hours are set to ensure the quality of each pie is maintained, so you always get the most delicious pie possible.

Find them at 3020 Minnesota Suite 1A, Anchorage, AK 99503, and tell them we said “Hi.”

Don’t forget to save us a slice!

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Dr. Emily E McMahan

Dr. McMahan attended the University of Cincinnati where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2009. She furthered her professional education by obtaining her Doctorate of Audiology from Salus University in Philadelphia in 2013. She completed her residency in Anchorage and has been applying her expertise to her patients in the Pacific Northwest for several years. Whether you need hearing testing, hearing aids, or assistance with managing tinnitus in your daily lives, Dr. McMahan is qualified to assist you!

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