It’s amazing to see Alaska through Julia’s eyes

Love Local: Art by Julie Shows Raw Alaskan Beauty

02/28/2023 | Love Local, Patient Resources

Alaskans know how important local businesses are.

We are remote, our weather is harsh, and our communities are tight-knit. Our support for each other is just as beautiful as our Northern Lights.

Choosing local shops enriches Alaska. Rather than sending our resources outside of the 49th Parallel, we need to choose Alaskan small businesses first. Supporting them strengthens our community instead of a faraway corporation.

I would rather invest in my Alaskan community than be a number on a corporation’s spreadsheet. I want to support my neighbors, while big businesses want to please investors.

We’ve found another community business that we can’t keep quiet about! The art won’t make your mouth water like our last Love Local, but you might get misty-eyed.

Julie Greene-Graham is the Anchorage-based owner of Art by Julie.

Alaska’s Beauty in Each Brushstroke

It’s amazing to see Alaska through Julia’s eyes.

She ignored her painting talent until she happened to take an alcohol ink class at her local artist supply store. She has her sister-in-law to thank for the three bottles of ink she took along.

You might have heard of watercolor paint, but what about alcohol ink?

The main difference is the way the paint mixes. Watercolor tends to blend more than alcohol ink. So, artists like Julia can get more definition and distinct colors.

Julie says that class at her local art shop started her on a long “artistic journey.”

You can see from her paintings that she’s not tied down to a particular style or color range. There’s a sense of freedom.

Smiling Otters and Scruffy Ravens?

There’s so much variety in Julia’s art. She does landscapes and Alaskan wildlife prints, plus vibrant pillow covers and cups. Everything screams Alaska! There’s the Chugach Sunset and the Knik Glacier Sunrise, but the Smiling Sea Otter and Scruffy Raven are must-sees.

Julia’s shading and colors add so much depth. You get the feeling you’re standing at the base of the Chugach Mountains or shivering on the Skookum Glacier.

Portage Glacier in Summer is a snapshot of a clear, sunny Alaska day from the base of the Portage Pass. The glacier towers in the background and wildflowers bloom at the base; it’s totally worth checking out!

art painting by Julie Greene-Graham

About the Artist: Julie Greene-Graham

Thirty-four years of teaching tells us a lot about Julie’s community spirit. She taught elementary and middle school in Anchorage, always finding ways to bring art into her lessons.

While Julie was a librarian, I’m sure the art history section was missing a few books.

Her family tree has grown a few more little branches! You might find her strolling through Anchorage’s forests with her granddaughter, soon to be joined by two more little pairs of hiking boots. Julie also has four wonderful daughters of her own.


Julie’s now happily retired, with more time than ever for her passions.

More Than Art: Our Community’s History

The landscape around us constantly changes, especially in recent times.

Local artists like Julie give us a way to look back and reminisce, whether the landscape changes or remains the same.

Julie supported Anchorage for over 34 years, teaching future generations and inspiring her students. Anybody who has taught students knows how much passion and dedication it requires.

Julie has put a heroic level of effort into her community, so we’re honored to tell you about her.

Julie’s Alaskan Art Is Right Here

Art by Julie has a great Instagram, where she showcases paintings that are in the works, plus a few Anchorage activities. If you’re more of a Facebook person, you can click right here!

You’ll find all of Julie’s prints and other art on her website.

Email Julie directly by clicking here.

Local businesses like Art by Julie are points of pride in our community, and we are always looking for others. If you know of a business we should feature, don’t hesitate to let us know by emailing or calling us at (907) 522-4357.


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