Existing Hearing Aid Performance Revamp

Getting the Best From Your Hearing Aids

This comprehensive consultation has been developed specifically for current hearing aid wearers across Anchorage who may be dissatisfied with the performance of their devices, or unable to access the treatment/service that they require.

This 60-minute consultation is conducted by a Doctor of Audiology who possesses extensive experience in your specific hearing aid technology. We will conduct a series of tests, following the best evidence-based practices in audiology, to help you optimize the performance of your hearing aids.

What to Expect from Your Hearing Aid Performance Revamp

The consultation will be customized to meet your unique needs, with the objective of enhancing your hearing aid performance. Our consultation will typically include:

  • ZA comprehensive case history to understand your journey and experience to date.
  • ZA video otoscopic examination to evaluate your ear canal anatomy and health.
  • ZA comprehensive hearing evaluation (including speech-in-noise testing) in accordance with the best practices in audiology. If the result of your latest hearing test is available, and has taken place within the past 12 months, an updated hearing evaluation may not be necessary.
  • ZProfessional hearing aid cleaning, which includes suctioning the microphone and speaker openings as well as using the Redux machine to remove moisture.
  • ZElectroacoustic evaluation of your devices to ensure they are performing to the required standard.
  • ZReal ear measurements to determine if your hearing aids are programmed appropriately for your current hearing profile.
  • ZAdjustment of your hearing aids based on an accurate, up-to-date hearing test and your listening preferences.
  • ZSmart phone pairing and app orientation (only available with compatible hearing aids/phones).
Hayley Shrley During Appointment at Alaska Hearing

The objective of this 60-minute appointment is to ensure your hearing devices are optimally performing for you, and you protect your investment with some much required love and attention.

Investment: $730

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