Prescription Hearing Aid Technology

Utilizing The Latest Hearing Technology to Help Thousands of People to Hear The Life That They Love


The sound amplification provided by prescription hearing aids has helped millions of people with a hearing loss to continue to enjoy an active, independent, and rewarding quality of life.

However, prescription hearing aids tend to get a bad rap, because when most of us think about hearing aids, those bulky, ugly contraptions our grandparents wore are the first image that comes to mind. Hearing aids have changed drastically in the past couple of decades.

Modern prescription hearing aids have a streamlined design, include lots of user-friendly features, and are so discrete that most people will never know that you are wearing one.

This is the result of innovations in micro-digital technology, which allows for enhanced performance in a smaller package and material technology enhancements that make wearing them more discrete and comfortable.

Another great innovation included with advanced hearing aid technology is a wide range of connectivity options and software applications thanks to the integration of Bluetooth technology.

These innovations make it possible to fine tune your hearing aids, add clarity to telephone conversations, allow you a richer hearing experience with your television, and enhance the performance of your hearing aids using your smartphone.

Alaska Hearing and Tinnitus Center

In addition, these innovations facilitate the capacity for your audiologist to provide remote performance or troubleshooting assistance regardless of where you are.

Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center partners with a wide range of manufacturers to help you to choose the right level of hearing technology depending on your unique circumstances, lifestyle, and budget.

Dr. Emily is amazing in her field of Audiology and hearing related issues. Over the years I had gradual hearing loss in one ear and it was causing a significant issue in my communications and relationships. Dr. Emily expertly diagnosed my specific frequencies of loss and customized a hearing aid solution for me that made a significant improvement. Thank you Dr. Emily for your compassion and expertise!

Sean Tyree

I came in after I noticed some challenges with my hearing. Dr McMahan and her staff were friendly, professional and explained everything in detail. I am really enjoying my hearing aides and frequently recommend AK Hearing to my friends and family. Thank you!

Mariah Lamirand

I started noticing that I wasn’t hearing as well as I use to and went in and saw Dr. Emily. After a hearing test she set me up with hearing aids. She is very good at answering my questions and making sure that the hearing aids fit me and that I knew how to put them in and take them out. I’ve recommended her to a friend that is very happy with the way Dr. Emily listens to her.

Cindy Stark

The Different Styles of Prescription Hearing Aids

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