Consultancy: How Dr. Emily Can Help You to Grow and Improve Your Hearing Care Clinic

Following speaking at conferences and events, I found that more and more people were coming to me and asking if I can help them to implement some of my ideas, strategies and best practices into their clinics.

Whether it was restructuring their pricing, training their team, improving their front desk performance or building a specific element into their clinic, I found myself asked to help with an array of topics.

Therefore, in 2019, I decided to start offering a formalized consultancy arrangements for ambitious clinics that wanted to accelerate their growth and solve meaningful challenges.

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I recently engaged Dr. Emily E McMahan, a renowned audiology business consultant, to review the business plans created by my students for their final project in the audiology practice management class I instruct. As someone who lacks firsthand experience in running a business, I sought Dr. McMahan’s expertise to provide invaluable insights into the intricacies of the audiology industry.

Dr. McMahan’s expertise in the field became immediately apparent as she delivered a review that exceeded all expectations. What truly sets her apart is her ability to provide specific, actionable feedback, particularly in the realm of numbers and financial considerations. Her keen eye for detail and deep understanding of the financial aspects of audiology practices allowed her to offer invaluable guidance that went beyond the surface level.

One of the most impressive aspects of Dr. McMahan’s service was her remarkable turnaround time. Despite the complexity of the business plans and the detailed feedback provided, she demonstrated efficiency by returning the reviewed plans almost immediately. This not only showcases her dedication to supporting professionals in the field but also emphasizes her commitment to aiding the growth and success of audiology practices.

Dr. Emily E McMahan is an exceptional audiology business consultant who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Her ability to provide specific, actionable feedback, realistic business guidance, and creative, flexible thinking make her an invaluable resource for audiology professionals aspiring to succeed in the business realm. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. McMahan to anyone seeking expert guidance in the audiology business landscape.

Coral Dirks, AuD, PhD, CCC-A

A heartfelt thank you to Emily E McMahan for her exceptional consultation services! Working with her was an absolute delight, and I’m truly grateful for her invaluable assistance in guiding me through the creation of a new segment in my practice. Emily’s expertise is truly remarkable; she is patient, adaptable to your current situation, and willingly shares her extensive experiences.

What sets Emily apart is her willingness to collaborate, whether it’s at your location or hers. She generously imparts knowledge on various aspects of the practice, including patient recruitment, enrollment, retention, billing, management, and many other facets of the business. I couldn’t be more pleased with the support and insights she provided, making this journey into new practice offerings a seamless and enriching experience.

Lindsey E. Jorgensen Au.D. Ph.D.

I took Dr. McMahan’s tinnitus course and I could not be more pleased with all that I learned. Her approach to tinnitus management is like none I’ve ever been taught. This has truly changed my business for the better. I love being able to provide such a comprehensive tinnitus management program thanks to Emily. I am receiving so many referrals from colleagues who don’t have the time or interest to work with patients suffering from varying degrees of tinnitus. My patients have told me that I’m the first person ever to dig deep into the root of their tinnitus and offer helpful and effective solutions. I can see my business shifting in such a positive direction all thanks to this course! I highly recommend working with Emily to develop a tinnitus protocol for your practice!

Jackie Napoli, Au.D.

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