Mail Order Repairs and Adjustments

Offering Repairs, Servicing and Help to All Mail-Order Hearing Aids Across Alaska

With more and more people ordering hearing aids online or through the mail, we have recently been receiving phone calls from people across Alaska asking if we can repair, fit or make adjustments to these types of devices?

Although we do not participate in mail-order technology to our patients, we do have the capabilities and equipment to fit & repair nearly all brands and models.

As Alaska’s most trusted hearing care experts, we see it as our duty to help all hearing aid wearers, no matter where you purchased your devices or what devices you have.

With our main priority being raising awareness for healthy hearing, we’re delighted that you have taken the first step towards better hearing by looking to address your hearing challenges.

That’s why, if you need any assistance – whether repairs, servicing, cleanings or would like professional help to ensure your new device is accurately fitted – then we are here to help.

Simply complete the form on this page detailing the device that you have and the help that you need, and we’ll schedule an appointment at a convenient date/time for you.

What is The Fee?

Binaural Hearing Aid Check $75
Office Visits $75
Clean & Diagnostics Check $35
Functional Hearing Assessment  $125
Real Ear Measurement $125
Comprehensive Hearing Assessment Adjustments $250


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