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8 Reasons Why Thousands of People Choose Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center

#1 – The Most Advanced Audiological Care Available

The people of Alaska come to us because we are the area experts when it comes to hearing healthcare.

Headed by our founder and Doctor of Audiology, Emily E McMahan, Au.D., we have assembled a leading team that follows a methodical process of best practices to deliver better hearing for life, with a track record of thousands of patients.

#2 – Full Service Tinnitus Management Experts

Ringing and buzzing are among the most common issues affecting healthy hearing. A large number of the patients we serve are those who need help managing the stress produced by tinnitus.

Our highly-respected approach helps bring relief and helps you to continue enjoying an independent and rewarding lifestyle.

#3 – Your Convenience is Our Priority

With travel being tricky and with many of our patients living busy lifestyles, offering convenient hearing care has always been high on our list of priorities.

With Tele Audiology appointments being launched in 2018 and Curbside appointments launched in 2020, you can receive the help and support that you need around your schedule/preferences.

#4 – Community Focused

The community is everything to us.

Through our Alaska Hears program, we help local businesses to screen their employees free of charge, we regularly run local events, we partner with local charities, and do all we can to raise awareness for healthy hearing.

#5 – Dedicated to All Inclusive Care

Receiving the right hearing care is the most important component of achieving better hearing.

At Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center, we have developed a methodical approach to addressing your hearing challenges that has been perfected on over thousands of happy patients. By delivering you “All Inclusive” care, you receive everything that you’ll need to achieve a lifetime of better hearing.

#6 – Trusted by Local Physicians

Hearing care is a critical element in your overall health care. Because of our high-level of expertise in audiology, we are trusted partners with local physicians who refer patients to us and consult with us when they need our input from our area of expertise.

The road goes both ways. We also benefit by taking advantage of their input and expertise, ensuring that your hearing is a critical consideration of your overall wellness. 

#7 – We Provide Remote Audiology & Prescription Hearing Aid Servicing

While COVID-19 protocols led most of the world into providing telehealth and teleaudiology to their patients, Alaska Hearing had already perfected our remote audiology service. In 2018, due to the unique geography and immense size of our state, we took the initiative to provide remote care to our patients using video conferencing technology.

Our patients have come to expect the same top-level hearing care and instrument troubleshooting from our teleaudiology service as they do when they visit our office.

#8 – We Make You Part of Our Family

Although your ears are our area of expertise, we are interested in you. Our team works toward making you a part of our family, fostering a higher level of trust and honesty necessary to understand your personal lifestyle and hearing care goals while meeting your hearing health needs.

We want you to be comfortable enough to tell us what you really think for as long as we have the privilege to serve you.

There are no words to describe how sincerely grateful I am for your level of care. The 5+ years in your care marked some of the best and worst points in my hearing journey, but you stuck by me as a patient and I am forever indebted to you for that. Thank you.

Samuel D

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We recognize that choosing your hearing care provider is a critical one.

Alaska Hearing & Tinnitus Center has the expertise, the equipment, and the trust of local physicians to help provide the highest level of hearing care in the area.

As contributors to the community, we understand the unique circumstances and lifestyles of the people we serve. You can have your questions answered and learn more about becoming a part of our family by submitting our “Request a Callback” form.

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